Sunday, June 29, 2008

cant i make one mistake??

am not in the best of moods rite now. infact i have been crying. cant i make one mistake?? just one mistake?? isnt it allowed, do i have to be this all perfect person all the time??
i know am ranting but rite now am trying so hard to not feel sorry for myself.

back in secondary school, i used to have a crush on this guy. ok there is mycrush, my friend's boyfriend(who am realli freinds with) and this third random guy who i dont realli talk to.
i have talked about this issue before in one of my posts..see here.

well am chatting wiv same friend again just a couple of minuites ago and he brings up the subject and he still talks about it like he belives something did actualli go down. am quiet and then he asks what has he done? nigga what havent u done!!! ..

am sick and tired of having to defend myself, whenever i do people call me defensive, and when i dont they go ahead believing, am sad cos this guy knows i dont like that part of my life, i made a mistake why cant i be allowed to forget it in peace!

i hate all references to it and i havent even been speaking to any of the guys involved because of the fact that i realli hate the issue.

i dont even know what to say, am just tired!
i just came here to get healing by typing whats in my heart... gudnyt!


ynot! said...

The reason for ur being upset 'pose 2 b in paragraf-2, ryt? I'm sorry, but I just couldn't find it there.
But, hey, you deserve to be happy. Don't let nobody bring you down. ok? Chin-up!

zara (my alter ego) said...

the reason for my upset is in the link "here" an old post i already did, i didnt wanna have to type the story again and make the post very long.

zara (my alter ego) said...


Mz. Dee said...

Hey hun.. cmon now.. dont be sad..u wan make i begin cry niagara for u?
Oya smile 4 mummy...shine ur teeth..shine shine baby!
Lol.. hope that made u smile!
Try n be strong... it will eventuall bury its ugly head 4 gud..

Mz. Dee said...

p.s i love ur leona lewis vid.. isnt she just fab?!

zara (my alter ego) said...

@ mz dee.. awwwwww.. thanx... well am ovver it now.. i hope for good.. ure awesome!.. yeah leona isnt she just the best?? video makes me cry all the time.. my favorite song of the album!

Tairebabs said...

Hi girl, just read the other post. Don't mind those bad belle people. Boys will be boyz and will lie that they touched boobies even if they didn't. It's sad that you were the subject of such stupid gist but forgerit joh. Next time someone brings it up just shrug and say yeh back in the day. Don't bother explaining 'cos there really is nothing to explain...oya like mz.dee said shinnnnne your teeth am waiting....

AlooFar said...

Bois will be bois ;)

zara (my alter ego) said...

aww.. taire.. thanxx dear! lol
am already smiling