Sunday, August 31, 2008


In this month, all vanities are shed and the cloak of salvation is donned

In this month, we repent of our sins and pray for eternal salvation

In this month, we try to steer clear of anything that soils the angelic halo hovering over our heads.(sin)

In this month it is believed that the doors of heaven are open

and that of hell is closed and hence blessings rain down on all and sundry.

This month is the equivalent of the christian lent which ends with easter,

the end of this month is when grains are measured and giving out to the needy in Allah's name and the celebration that follows is called EID EL-FITR.

In this month, we reinforce our faith and belief in Allah and his teachings.

In this month, we be our brother's keepers, feed the hungry, cloth the naked and give the needy.

in this month, we pray, fast and be holy in hopes that we are blessed by Allah and forgiven of all our trespasses.

In the spirit of ramadan, I say RAMADAN KAREEM.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I did find!

There is a kandi song that says, "if u look deep enough, you wud find..." i did indeed find my listeners here in blogsville.

After putting up that last post and comments started coming in, i knew everything was goin to be alright.

I am better now, though i still havent found a way of making my friends listen,:( but a person doesnt have to be your friend to listen and give you good advice or a shoulder to cry on, i found that shoulder right here and am grateful.

To all those who left a comment, a heartfelt thank you, and to all those who read but dont leave comments, i urge u to do so, u dont know, what u have to say might be what i need to gt out of the doldrums. *wink

ok back to reality.... bba3 Starts today and i have no way of seeing it.. suxx!! been going to the website everyfive mins but nothing.. abi do i have the wrong website?? anywhoo.. am thank ful today, this is not thanksgiving and neither is it close to being thanksgiving, but i dont think it has to be before we are thankful abi?


Sunday, August 17, 2008

who listens to the listener?

I am at this very rare point in my life where all i want is for someone to just listen to me while i talk and talk non stop. not necesarily making sense but just getting my thoughts out in the open.

I am a strong individual, independent too but sometimes i dont want to be independent nor strong anymore, i just want to be dependent on someone, have some one cater to my needs, be able to cry, feel pampered and cared for.

why is that no one is willing to do that. i happen to be a recipient for all my close friends' and not so close freinds' woes but no one but my head and heart is a recipient of mine.

not that no one wants to listen to me, but when i want to start talking bout mine, they start talking bout theirs and demand my opinion and i am forced to shelve my problems and be totally interested in theirs and give answers and advices and genrally make them happy again while i wallow in my own misery and it probably would never see the light of day or get some form of absolvement.

woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, feeling all these feelings i cant even begin to describe, dont want to be with my boyfriend no more, suddenly discovered that i cant seem to see him as more than a friend and all that i blogged about before was just intial gra gra, and i dont know what to do, cos the guy seems to be falling even more everyday.

i dont want to go to the u.k anymore, i just want to go to naija and never come back. i just want to go home.
i dont want to listen to anyone anymore cos i have my own problems also and i need someone to listen to me.
talking to my brother on msn but he's too busy to even reply me and am all choked up with tears cos am feeling mighty emotional today. and am not helping matters cos i keep listening to all these sad slow songs and am sllowly tearing up.
maybe i shud just have a good cry and i would probably wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

i am 21 but at this moment, all i can say is I WANT MY DADDY!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

the kingdom of heaven.

I woke up in a good mood today. never expected to hear all the sad news i heard.
my friend came over only to start crying telling me she just lost one of their close childhood friends to complications during childbirth.
I was trying to console her only for another to come in and tell me another guy just died in a car accident on holiday in nigeria.

I am quite flabbergasted at this point. what is happening? what are the young doing dying? am not insinuating anything but i thot the natural order of things was that the old died and the young was there to bury them and not the other way around.
am so sad right now, i dont know bothe people involved very well but the fact that they are humans and my age group makes me mourn their deaths because it could happen to anyone.

this has made me so vulnerable, because i begin to think, what makes me so different, why wouldnt the same thing happen to me if it is going to, they didnt do anything so wrong, death just happened on them.

this has been my reality check for the day and i think it is enough for a month. i have had ijoba orun on repeat eversince trying to get closer to God and repent of my sins(whichever it is i have committed;)) and hope that when it comes, we shall be prepared(even though no one realli ever is).

may the souls of all those whom we have lost rest in peace.
r.i.p bernie mac, never knew u would leave this world so soon and so young.