Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The time is now!
The moment is here.. never thought i would see a day when a black man would clinch the ticket to represent any American party in the race to the white house!
This is the day Martin Luther king wrote the 'i have a dream speech for' and 40 odd years later.. it finally dawns.

Yes! black man i said not just a man... why? well because no matter how much we try to shy away from the race issue.. it is what has defined this contest from the word go!

on BBC this morning the headlines was "making history".. they also recognise the fact that if indeed Barack Obama was a white man, it wouldn't make a difference, what would have made the difference was if Hillary Clinton had won.

So here i am now celebrating that a fellow black, has the legal right to stand for the most coveted post in all of America and beat his chest and proudly say "i did it".. of course along with his campaign people and all the Obama fans out there who helped in sourcing for funds online.. all the groups that were formed in support of this man.

the race now is half way over and in November we would know for sure if Obama is going to be the next person to which the world would regard as its new 'best friend'(President of the United states of America).

in my humble opinion, if Obama becomes the president, America stands to gain more than it would lose(not seeing any losses sha)
the American image would be revamped and become more acceptable to the people of the world.
i feel he is more diplomatic and hence many of these problems they have with other countries would be resolved civilly.
i especially like his policy regarding the middle east crisis, bring your friends close and your enemies even closer.. instead of antagonising and threatening Ahmedinejad, you can cut him some slack or embroil him in so much diplomacy.. he opts out himself.

one of the major problems that he is going to face in his race for the white is the fact that the powers that be in America don't feel he is pro Israel enough. what does that mean? he's probably too sympathetic to the Palestinian plight and probably wants a fast solution while they(powers that be) aren't done getting rich off of the weapons deal they make everyday in these wars.

In any case, Obama is still my candidate, any day, anytime, anywhere!'
God bless Barack Obama and the world!



I will admit that i did a quick jig for Obama last night. It is exciting to see the competition for nominee end and the battle for the White house finally begin.

I wish Obama well. I also wish Clinton well. I hope that all sides will come together for the interest of the Democratic party and the betterment of the country. God knows that there are problems that need serious fixing and as much as I respect McCain, I desperately hope he does not become president.

Tairebabs said...

Am really happy for Obama. This is really a turning point and history has indeed been made already. I wish him all the best.

ozaveshe said...

happy for Obama.

Only hope he can live up to the billing.

why on earth u wanna work in a bank?

Anonymous said...

nice post.
you said you really knew Mr fineboy was? abeg tell us what is his real name? Ejo!!!

zara said...

lol..@ ozaveshe.. well i wanted* to work in a bank cos of their mdoe of dressing but after reading ur about ur own experience.. i think i am changing my

@anonymous... whats in it for me?? LOL

uNWrItten* said...

i love love love obama!!!! like before any1 even knew who the man was..i read his first book and fell in love...he is sooo inspirational..

and u know who is mr.fineboy is...oya spill!!!!!!

zara said...

yeah.. i want to read the book too.. havent found a way of getting it though.. wow.. am becoming a celebrity cos of my knowledge of mr fineboy's identity.. hmm sad though that i cant spill it seeing as the dude signed out of blogsville still anonymous.. i can onli tell u one thing.. or two... or three.. he's as fyne as his name suggests.. he is lanky and tall, and his compl;exion is kinda like caramel.

plus laide was on the show too.. if u read her blog.. u can ask her! free advertisement for her.. lol

OluwaDee said...

i just have one question: is America ready 4 a black president?

zara (my alter ego) said...

..the rest of the world seems to be championing that cause: a black president.. but america?? billion dollar question.. well by november.. ur question wud be answered.. i can onli say.. i hope to GOD they are!

Afrobabe said...

The battle has been won but the war is only just begining!!!

Afrobabe said...

But if Bush could be president then anybody can...

Anonymous said...

yeah ,nice piece u had there.i also think the hour has come for the martin luther king 'dream' to sprout forth.together with obama,the hands of history will take a u-turn.we can,we will and we must!keep ur pen steady.

zara (my alter ego) said...

wow anonymous thanx!