Friday, January 30, 2009

truths and lies!

thanks to all those who commented on my last post, u realli gave me good advices and solomonsydelle raised a very important question that go me thinking. well the answer, solly(new short name hehe) is, i guess the friendship isnt at the point where i feel totally comfortable telling them everything(we have known eachother for about 1 year) and am not a very open person, so saying things like that is kind of hard for me. and yes all is well! thank you so much! i totally appreciate all of you guys!

well to the news of today, abi tag of today, got tagged by abujamaiden to do the 2 truths one lie thing.
here goes
1)I had my first kiss at 22.

2)this is my first and only blog

3)I love blog surfing.

most of you might not know me well enough to guess the answers to this but its just a guessing game after all, so guess away and the winner gets...... ask me a very personal question which i would do my best to answer.

alright start guessing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Am I a bad person?

I have been having this discussion with my self for a while now and I still haven’t come to any conclusions. I am torn.

The thing is right, some certain people come to talk to me about my friends, about their bad character and how something they did annoyed them. And I try to tell them they aren’t like that and it was a one off and blah blah, but by their countenance I know they don’t believe me and just think that am trying to stick up for my friends. My dilemma here then is am I supposed to tell my friends these things or am I supposed to keep it to myself?

I usually say nothing and this eats me up inside because am not sure if am supposed to actually keep quiet. Am sure these people expect that I tell them but I think if I do indeed tell them, wouldn’t that be causing unnecessary fracas/bad blood? Also wouldn’t they(my friends) think I had said something to egg them on because how else would they be so comfortable knowing am friends with them to keep telling me these things??

It’s a dilemma that greatly troubles me.

AM about to write my final exams as an undergraduate, wish me luck!

Monday, January 19, 2009

This saddens ME.

I was going through a newly discovered blog and reading up on its old post wen I saw a video talking about breast ironing.
This is a very old practice in Cameroon where a young girl's breasts are ironed at a tender age sometimes as early as 9 so that they become unattractive to men hence she doesn't become promiscuous and probably become a teenage mother!. word??!!

It didn't make sense to me and i went searching for literature about it, and apparently, its a very common practice in Cameroon where over 4 million of the female population have ironed breasts.
This ironing starts the moment their breasts begin to bud. their mothers take little flat and smooth stones, pestles,wooden spoons, basically anything that can convey and retain heat. this item is heated and then held against the young girls breast pressing it in a downward motion in the process destroying the ligature of the breasts and slackening the skin around it. this is done everyday for a period of about 2 months by which time the breasts would have unnaturally fallen and would most definitely have burn marks around it.

These girls grow up with a sense of insecurity and inferiority as they cannot undress in public.
I ask myself, why do these things happen and continue to happen? we say its to prevent promiscuity, whatever happened to sexual education? doesn't it take two anymore? why are the boys/men being exonerated?
Why is it that in the year 2009, we still talk about issues like this, first female genital mutilation, now breast ironing. next maybe we would be slashing off their noses and plucking out their eyes just so men aren't attracted and it doesn't cause em to have sex!

All this i feel is because the women, in an African society,have always been the underdog and still it continues, albeit in small ways in some places. baby steps, baby steps. because they are not on the same plane as men, they are blamed for everything. how else would you have me explain a culture that flattens a young girl's breasts so she doesn't attract men! why cant the men be told to keep off the young ones instead and wait till they become consenting adults?!

our government.. sigh sigh!
the president.. sigh! sigh! sigh!
apparently the president's daughter is getting married to the bauchi state Governor as his.. wait for it.. 4Th wife! that's not the end, she's 24 while he's.... wait for it....47!
I got some mad statistics about the wedding today.
the dowry was paid in dollars, even though i don't believe the figure, i would still state it here for shock purposes, $250,000.

her wedding dress was being sewn for,(i don't believe this either.. )$60,000
about 80 boxes were taken to her parents.
a trailer load of cows were sent to her grandmother.

OK...... where is all this money coming from.. last time i checked... no one in Nigeria was earning in dollars....

what annoys me the most?? the economy is going down and no one seems to care about it, everyone seems to just be trying to gather as much as they can for themselves! disgusting!

this is quite reminiscent about the abacha days....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

its my birthday and could cry if i want to!!

i actually had a post all written up, ready to be typed and posted here, but preceding events cant let me put it up here no more. am so happy today! a birthday is the day for the celebrant to feel joyful, fulfilled and loved and i totally feel all that and more here today! i feel so happy i could go around giving anyone who demanded one, a kiss! yes! that's how happy i am

today is my birthday! 22 years ago, at 8:00am on the 14Th of January 1987, a baby gal was born to the family of..... and that baby gal was named.,! i was born on a Wednesday, and today, my 22ND birthday,a Wednesday again, makes it extra special for me.

i woke up today with a good feeling, afterall its my birthday!since 12:00am my friends had been calling me and wishing me a very wonderful day! text messages from family and friends too!
and the most coveted, facebook messages and wall posts! yes! i had a record 99 wall posts in one day! amazing stuff!

i had to go to school though, i had two quizzes and i thank the lord they were quite easy. came back to my room and my friends(2 guys) come over, they wish me a happy birthday, we talk for a while then they leave. only to come back with a cake, chocolate and other goodies. i was shocked! i wasnt expecting it at all. we cut the cake, take pictures etc etc. a little while later, another group of friends call me up telling me to dress up and that they want to take me and my friends out. we dress up and are waiting while yet 2 other friends drop by to see me for my birthday bearing gifts! the gifts left melost for words and i was almost tearing. one of the gift is my facebook profile picture! hehe....

i went out for my surprise dinner at this new Chinese restaurant,it was only us there and we have so much fun!!!!

i had a lovely wonderful time and my friends are the most awesomest people!!!!(i dont care for english right about now!) i love them! love them! love them! since i cudnt get cake to you guys personally in blogsville, you shall partake of this heavenly cyber feast until i can give u the real thing.

happy birthday to me and many more fruitful years!.
greatest gift of all, i graduate in a month's time! God is faithful!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

back and refreshed!! its a new year! keeps getting better!

It’s a new year... wishing u a happy new year would be a bit cliché and belated but I still would. HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!

Hope you all had a fun and blessed holiday. Mine was great. My trip? AWESOME. I needed the time away and my sister’s wedding was great. Thought I would shed a few, but at the end of the day, I was too tired all I could think of was sleep!

Thanks to all who dropped a comment on my last post, believe me at that point in my life, I felt that all was lost and I had come to the end of the road, but now am a much better and braver person. I forgave myself and that’s it. Am happier and nothing daunts me anymore. Thanks again for all the support.

Chari… thanx for Ur msg meant a lot.

The wedding…. Dreamy. The most beautiful aspect?? The gown..

Lovely don’t u think?

It’s a new year; most people have resolutions, am done doing those cos I never stick to them anyways. I just hope to be a better person; I always strive to get to that next level of good.

And also, since my sis is now married, am the next in line and my mum thinks by 2010 I shud be married! Wishful thinking I call it, but just so its out there and its not like I didn’t make an effort, guys shud start sending in applications, seeing as I have not a bf and all the ones in my last 2 posts,here, I have decided to leave em be, I don’t do drama!..Well, not anymore! Hehee