Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MY life as i know it.

i was going to come here and type up another post, when i suddenly lost the zeal. i havent put up a post in a week and i feel so behind.

i havent been here too long, just over year, but i have made wonderful aquaintances and been exposed to a whole new different world and am gratefull for that.

letting go was born at a time when i needed to air issues i ws going through. i started this blog as a way of talking about things that i couldnt speak of verbally.

i might not have put my issues totally out there but trying to talk about them, still helped me a lot.
even when i was coy, and i still got responses, it gave me hope and for that am thankful to all of you here in blosgville.

now is the time to take a bow and leave when the ovation is loudest(20 COMMMENTS LOL)
my life as i know it has ended a new one is beginning. in this pause, i have nothing to blog about so i take my leave instead of not updating.

i might come back but as a different person, not as 'zara' anymore.
thank U for accepting zara into ur fold and for bidding her farewell with love and all the good things of life because i know you wish me nothing more than good health and fulfillment.

au revoir c'est n'est pas adieu, see you later my friends.