Tuesday, June 24, 2008


People of blogs ville, i salute u!
nothing's been up wiv me this past couple of days, been quite laid back and chilled so i brought out my journal from 2007 and was reading it, very interesting stuff and i had even forgotten half of them, so i have decided to share it with u guys, well only some parts, others am still contemplating putting them up, they are quite deep and verreeeeeee personal, bear with me.
its gonna be serial thing, and when am done, u would know, meanwhile, enjoy!

05 may 2007
"after thinking it through a whole lot, i finally decided that i liked B! feels good and am not as shy as the first time*** but am still shy about wanting to hook up with him after telling him off the other time!
i also have problems with us hooking up like
  1. has he gone off me?
  2. does he like that bimbo? (yeah i actually wrote that.. tsk tsk)
  3. does he have a girlfriend elsewhere?

i need these questions answered before i consider any other thing but i wanna show him some sign say 'i like the koko'( again, i actually wrote that,, cant believe myself!).LOL. but what's he gonna think, like this gal rejected me before , now, she's back. doesn't say a lot of good about me now does it?

finally polo affair(a party that went down in march) is here, an up cant sleep no more, going out to get a polo top. hope i get a fine one and no one would think its not polo even if its not!LOL

had a dream with R(a guy i was tripping for 2006 summer) in it ad i was seriously kissing him! hmm na wa ooo.. all these my dreams nowadays are scary oo!

k called me today.

i have lots of projects to work on, God pls save my soul! finally lxg is on the 11Th of may, that would be great because i so want to wear my dress!i hope i look extremely good that day.oh God am lacking scopers oo! onli a handful which i don't like at all, hmmm!"

OK quick recap,

k- some masters guy who was on my case for a year hinting marriage, but i no do!

R-some dude i had a crush on in the summer of 2006, he crushed me too, but he had a girlfriend who is fiend when it comes to her man, didn't want no damage to my face, abeg make i manage am like that!

b-the guy who liked me at that time.

**he had asked me out the year before, i agreed to date him, only to break up with him a week later, reason? i had issues i had to resolve, REAL reason?? he was to mushy for my liking, and i hadnt been in a relationship prior to him, so u cud pardon my cold feet. (and i was 20 oo!)

second part, coming soon!


-xXx- L'amour -xXx- said...

1st!!!!! ;)

i'll be bck to read this!! you have been tagged :p


Tairebabs said...

Ah it's so nice to read another persons diary. lol. I keep a daily diary too. maybe I will paste excepts sometime. My favourite part here is "oh God am lacking scopers oo! onli a handful which i don't like at all, hmmm!". Hilarious. Post more o!

zara (my alter ego) said...

lol.. will do! tagged ke?? now am going to have to deviate a lil.. chei!

Tairebabs said...

Hi Zara, thanks to this post I added an excerpt from my diary to space on my blog.

Mz. Dee said...

Aww this was nice!
Sippin my tea and readin.. *sigh*
Lol.. boy issues.. if only i cud find my diary.. resemble ur own well well o! Lolz

zara (my alter ego) said...

HEHE @ tairebabs.. looking forward to reading it.
@mz dee.. dont girls always have boy issues.. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

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