Friday, February 27, 2009


HURRRAYYY!! Am the happiest person i know today.

I am a graduate! full fledged! The ceremony is in a few hours and am blogging right before i start getting ready, see how much i love blogsville? lol

I never thought this day would come, well not that i didnt, but not this fast. When ure at a certain stage in your life, you keep thinking something is far from you and its going to Take forever to get there, but i guess my own my own forever just became now.

I am excited not cos am graduating but also because i graduate with a high honours degree. YES I SAID IT! IN BLOGSVILLE, I SAID IT! lol!

My parents are also here for the grad so i guess its almost like a double celebration cos i never thought they would make it since my muM has this huge fear of flying(dont know the phobia name)but she braced herself and still came.. life just became even more beautiful!

ok i was feeling kind of bad yesterday because i wanted to win the award for the best student in the department(which only goes to the first best), i worked hard, played less, read more, but i didnt quite cut it, i came tantalizingly close, but someone else beat me to it. i was quite sad then i talked to my parents and i felt better cos they were proud of me no matter what.

And then am on my facebook and my horoscope for the day says(dont know if you guys believe in horoscopes but i kinda like to read them and see if they relate, this one so does!):
"Capricorn: Hard work doesn't always pay off in the way you'd like, but you can still be proud you did it!"

what more can i say...


Saturday, February 21, 2009


LAST week was a Friday the 13Th.
Usually people get all hot and bothered(am assuming lol) when a 'Friday 13Th' rolls around.

I have been hearing the folklore/urban legend/myth for a while now but i didn't know what to make of it, considering nothing spectacular nor bad has ever happened to me on that date.

Ever heard of the Knights Templar?
Ever read the da vinci code? angels and demons?(they were prominent features in both books)

Apparently in the history of the catholic church, the Knights Templar were established to protect the church and they were given the Rule. They were basically like the military backbone of the roman catholic church and they fought during crusades.

Where is all this leading? I am trying to explain the origin of the Friday 13Th date as a bad omen/bad luck day.

During one of their crusades, the knights Templar lost out to the Saracens("After the rise of Islam, and especially at the time of the Crusades, its usage was extended to refer to all Muslims, including non-Arab Muslims, particularly those in Sicily and southern Italy.[2]

In Christian writing, the name was made to mean "those empty of Sarah" or "not from Sarah," as Arabs were, in Biblical genealogies, descended from Hagar"

These Saracens then offered 200 of the knights their lives back if they would abandon Christ and join Islam, but they all chose to kneel before the Muslims and have their head cut off instead.**

This occurred on FRIDAY 13TH, OCTOBER 1307. And till this day, Friday 13Th has continued to be regarded as bad luck, a day which portends evil.

Interesting little history right? I think so though.
Do i believe in the knight Templar? I don't know what to think but i kind of do.. to an extent.
Some historians want us to think they still exist, though in secrecy(they always existed in secrecy even in the middle ages when they were.)
I don't know, maybe if i ever did my own research, i just might find

** I mean no harm by that statement, i know in today's world, we have to be politically correct and all, but i just quoted that directly from a source and i couldn't change the wordings for fear of altering the author's original work.
*** I am a Muslim myself and hence wouldn't want to be looked upon in a certain way but i still have to stick with the facts don't I?
****Thank you.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The valentine that was.

Contrary to my believe that my valentine wud be spent under covers with my novel and music playing in the background, it didnt quite happen like that.

surprise of all surprises, i got val-ed(is there a word like that??) lol
well anyways sha, this guy that has been acting all cosy around me lately val-ed me and told me that he truly, deeply, madly(am just exaggerating) likes me and would want to date me.

ha! this my own valentine na waoo!
it was quite out of the blue sha cos i wasnt expecting it, well not really i wasnt or maybe i chose to not acknowledge it cos i felt he knew am leaving finally in a few weeks and long distance is not an option so why want to date me?? really??

anyways i told him all my reasons for not wanting to date him and i think he got quite moody cos he left shortly after, well he'll get over it, not much i can do unless lead him on which is out of the question, sooo....

That's how my almost uneventful valentine still makes me laugh when i see his chocolates.. lol.. wen i saw them, i just remembered vera's post where she said she dint want to receive a box of chocolates and i totally agreed on how much i didnt like them, only for me to get funny!

I need to know, what's up with guys NOT wanting to date a girl, or considering her below his 'level' but not MINDING having something to do with her?? huh?? whats up with that??

Friday, February 13, 2009

These past few days...

hey guys!

I have been away for a while(short) trying to deal with the circus that was my life.. but thanks to ur good advices i have everything under control again and am ever so grateful. before my last post i was totallly confused, i wasnt sure what to do, so i had to put it out there and you all adviced me to put it out there, to talk to my friend, well i did and wow! if we all get such understanding, i guess the world wud be a better place to live in .. here is the email she sent me after the talk..
thank you so much for all uve done to me...and are still doin i really appreciate it..and i am sooo glad to have u as a frnd..and like ive said before i can proudly call you my best matter matter when..nothin can change the fact that i really do cherish u( and love u with all my heart...yeh yeah i knw am being all mushy now)

but its shame is showin u off and tellin alll them motherfuckers outta there ure MY BEST FRIEND.

u understand me, ur smart and offer advice, help wenevr i lean on u(which is almost alws)
and i wwant u to do anythin for u, and i mean anythn...dont care wat ppl say...i wud do it!

cuz u deserve evrybit of watevr it is i can thnk you so much...

lots of luv...xx

I made myself incommunicado to him like u all suggested and i think he's getting that u dont date one friend and try to date the other when ure done with one.

Since i have not been here.. i have gone through a few changes in my life... i became unemployed.. that means i GRADUATED!
My friends are bored already hearing this from me, but i cant help it, am finally done with compulsory school, any that i do now is cos i want to! that feels just good!

Rihanna, Chris Brown, am in love with chris brown so am sure that says it all how i feel about the whole affair, it wasnt him(in the words of shaggy) lol...

Did yar'mama realli stop blogging or is she on hiatus??

Afrobabe loves to facebook more than blog nowadays, u better come back! lol

well lovely people of blogsville, the world's most famous holiday is tomorrow.. how do u plan on spending urs? mine would be spent lying under my covers reading a good novel and thinking about what could be..hehe.. have a lovely valentine's day celebration! am looking forward to all the blog posts i would read from gettin my popcorn ready cos it wud be like being at the movies for!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


hi people!

how are u guys doing?

u guys sure are very good guessers..? lol(not sure if that's a proper word.)

well congrats to temite, buttercup, solly(solomonsydelle), vera ezimora(birthday mate!), bumight and enkay. u guessed correctly, and true to form the guys truly couldnt believe that i had my first kiss at 22, i had to be,!

ok enough of that,
am not a very happy person today. contrary to what my blog seems to signify, i am always happy but life gets to me sometimes and it has today.

my best friend's ex, who she isnt over, and wants back, says he has feelings for me. how much more complicated can life be?

i dont know if to tell her or i should just hope it goes away. i have told the guy nothing can happen between us, to him the fact that he dated my best friend doesnt matter one bit, and to me thats the whole of it. plus he doesnt know she still pines after him, and i dont know if i should hint at it to him just so he knows that its even more complicated than he thinks.

things are so crappy at the moment and i feel caught in between two of them.
just yesterday, i was chatting to both of them at the same time, in one chat box, he is telling me how he likes me and in the other, she is telling me, how she finds it hard to fancy other guys cos she's not over him, do you all see my dilemma?

please i need answers.. what can i do to make this go away fast, can i tell her what he's doing?
should i tell him she still likes me?
even all our friends do not know and i dont know if to tell them or not.

truth of the matter is, i DO NOT fancy him at all, apart from all the complications ma, how do i tell him that without a misunderstanding/us stop being friends?

help is needed, FAST!