Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh dear

I have been tagged. I thought the tag tsunami was already over and i hadn't drowned now the ebbing waters seem to be seriously fighting me..oh dear!
my problem isn't being tagged but actually thinking up 6 not that weird! lol plus i don't know how to link people.. still new to blogging... oh dear!
well will try and figure it along the way.. here goes:
1. link the person(s) who tagged you…
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been
1. i love bananas. i cud eat em for breakfast, lunch and dinner. in fact am eating them rite
2. am totally totally scared of rats.. if i find a rat anywhere.. i cant be in that place anymore.. no matter how much i try to compose myself.. a rat always manages to help me lose my composure.. no matter how tiny it is! i have tried to rid my self of this rato-phobia but hmm if wishes were horses..
3.i think faster than i write.. and that causes me points in exams. when i see a question and am thinking of the answer.. i want to get it all down before the thought escapes me cos i feel it might.. and this causes me to make writo-graphical errors(from on the other hand i type faster than i think.. so am always pausing to finish a thought before typing or to actually think something.. problem!
4.i like changing clothes. i can never stay throughout a day with one outfit.. i have to change it at some point in time.. gets on a lot of people's nerves cos then if we have to go somewhere.. i have to look for something else to wear.. same goes for underwear.
5. when i run i hold my boobs.. funny but i actually run faster that way.. and the boobs don't get in my embarrassed me a couple of times.. but what can i do?.. have to stop em from bouncing off my chest..
6. i am still afraid of ojuju calabar!
well that's it... my six unquirky quirks! well to solve my linking problems... i tag everybody. pls feel free to be tagged by me..!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Is it me or is it that evrytime u write in capslock.. it seems to take up a lot of space??
Anyways....yay!!!! she finally came thru.. paid me my money.. on friday! at least she gave me more than 80% so am waiting for the remaining it is better than nothing.

My fone is giving me a headache.. got it 6 months ago but i already want to change it..and i dint budget for that!..tseww.. so annoying.. got to do it soon so i can get a good value on it though..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

plenty plenty nonsense!

in the words of mya, am about to give a chick a hand!

what kind of nonsense is this?

calm down??

lemme tell u the story then u would understand why am pissed.

>>rewind to beginning of semester<<
....this girl calls me from nij that she's in a jam and she cant get back to school unless she clears up some debt from the previous semester.. she needs $1350 to do that. i like and respect her a lot(not my close friend but stil we hang out sometimes..) so i gave her $850 that was the most i could do.... she paid.. got out of the jam she was in.. came back to school.. everything was gravy..

>>fastforward to may<<

..hasnt paid me my money!
wtf? u say?? well thats what i asked at first.. scroll up.... dont worry i'll wait!

ok now ure back.. yeah now u agree with me abi? am so pissed at her rite now i cant eat!
what kind of bullshit thing is that! all she does is send me flimsy text messages that she doesnt have money her transfer is having problems.. she cant get money put in her mastercard.. bullshit lies..(i tell u i know.. they r lies!)..

its been what 3 months?? if she doesnt have any money, how can she afford to survive,, eat,, go out,, shop(cos she does have caught her a number of times and she always tries to dodge!).. and even credit her fone to text me all those messages huh?

rite now am flat broke.. dont have a dime and cant even call my pops for money cos he wud raise the roof... am supposed to wait till june for money from him but i dont know how am goin to survive.. i used to act nicely to her but now am bringing out my fangs.. i need my money...biatch!(pardon my french ..but..)....

she's promising friday.. if friday comes and she doesnt give it to me.. i dont know what am goin to do but it wont be good.. i mite just cry.. cos i know i cant fight.. nor quarrel.. nor raise hell... nor scare anyone shitless.

i have always thot i was a nice person but there is a thin line between nice and stupid.. am about to cross it..cos what else explains my behaviour that i cant demand whats mine back henh??


Monday, May 12, 2008

all in a day's job.

atishoo!.. i have a cold..! been avoiding it for weeks now onli for it to finally catch up wiv me.. damn.. its making me dull and am in the exam period where i need to be on my toes... lord help me!

had a debate today.. was one of the debators.. i think i held my forte well considering the fact that i have a kinda squeaky voice and it shakes wen am anxious.. i did quite ok.. if i say so myself..*wink* lol

been out all day.. didnt have anything to eat and now i have to do my laundry if i have to go to school tomorrow... am seriousli multitasking here.. and instead of goin about my business am here bloggin about it... silly me.

got a serious virus in my system and its annoying the heck out of me.. hate viruses hate having to format my pc anytime i have one.. cos then the antivirus cant take it out anymore.. tseww stupid thing..

was blog crawling the oda day .. came across the post by been reading her blog for a while and am so caught up in her life.. feels like i know her.. and she has this post up bout breaking up.. and i cant fathom if its about her or she's just writing... she has yet to update.. day i read it.. it realli spoilt my mood cos i thot her and her boo were perfect together(eventhough i no know them oo).. if ure reading this naijachickito abeg enlighten us.. whats up with that post?

goin thru my previous post.. looks like i was kinda forceful and probably came across as a hater of any ethnic group.. am apologising to the millions of nigeria everywhere.. i got carried away with the moment.

my friend just broke up wiv her bf of 3 years and its killing her.. she thought the actualli had a future but the guy just up and said he's tired of the whole thing and they shud just part ways.. she's still trying to get around to the fact that they are no longer together.. it feels realli sad wish i cud be there for in her hour of need but we happen to be in diff countries.. hope she gets over it soon..

to all the people we lost in 2007, may your souls rest in peace..
to all those who died in the myanmar cyclone disaster.. may you all rest in peace..
to all those who die daily from hunger, riots, famine, droughts, ill health, bombings, attacks.. may they all be in a better place than this, AMIN!