Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Did we get the message?

I was watching an Eddie griffin comedy yesterday, its called freedom of speech(u shud go check it out.. its totally funny). he was a bundle of laughs am sure worth their money for those who paid to see him and for us who download, worth the time spent in downloading,, hehe..

Anyways he said something that got me thinking, he was like, "i believe in God but i think religion is overrated"(he used stronger words than that). why he asks? well he answers himself, cos people go around saying Jesus is the messenger, others say Muhammad is the messenger, but he doesn't care who the messenger was, the point is DID WE GET THE MESSAGE??

that was funny but when i sat down to think about it, i realised that we are so caught in the bug of determining who the so of God is, we don't see the bigger picture that all the prophets came to deliver to us.

anyways, yeah he is a comic, he's funny but i differ on one thing, religion isn't overrated(or his stronger word,) religion helps strengthen your faith in the Supreme BEING! the religious books gives you guidance and convinces you further that their is indeed a God, therefore, religion isn't f**ked up as he said( i finally say his stronger word!).

and that's my two cents.


-xXx- L'amour -xXx- said...

thanks for stopping by....
your blog is great btw...

As fr getting the message- He does have a good point however his use of language is not appropriate!....people often do overrate religion, like all these pastors who open churches to ger people's money!..but just like you said, the holy books give us strength and convinces us that God trully exists!!!

zara (my alter ego) said...

yeah.. everything is aitte 'part from the language.. thanx.. urs is tite too! cant wait to read more..

Dammy said...

I quite agree with his statement that religion is overrated! I hate religion cos it's been used as a tool of exploitation on the common man!
I believe in having a personal relationship with God and being sincere to oneself rather than get entangle in the battle of supremacy that is tearing nationa apart all in the name of religion!

God is God! whatever we believe, it doesn't change him!

How you dey?

zara (my alter ego) said...

preach!! lol

am fine oo hope ure doing good too!

TY Tha Mos Magnificent said...

cryin okada tears find out why

Mz. Dee said...

Did we get the message.. mehn datz tru!
So many preachers everywhere but is the world gettin the msg at all?
Luvd dis!

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