Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What more can i say?
At this point where all we can do is celebrate, shed tears of joy(some), dance a jig, holler to anyone who wants to hear(or doesnt) that history has been made.

As we usher in the 44th president of the united states of america,(the world), i like to say that the first hurdle has only been crossed, we have to see if he survives the months preceeding the handover, if he actually does a good job in reviving the economy and if the wars are ended with no victor and no vanquished!

But before all these take place, we still rejoice, throw parties, and enjoy this camaraderie that has enveloped the whole world.
I hope this support continues and that obama does indeed fulfill all the promises he made to the american people.
history has been made and am proud to be part of it!.

I am African, I amNigerian, I am zara, I believe in Obama and his policies, I celebrate this day with his family, I pray the soul of grandmother rests in peace.

Long live Nigeria, Long live Africa, Long live Barack Obama, Long live the state of America.
God bless us all!
I couldnt be prouder.