Thursday, October 23, 2008

This type of government!

I am an ardent reader of the online news website dont know how many of us actually read it but it has unbiased news(i think) and it always has details you dont find in the print newspapers.

i had recently heard of the closure of channels news network and i was wondering what manner or 'democratic' government would close down a tv station. i went on the net(my only source of information) to find out the reason why... well apparently, channels broadcasted on september the 16th that president umaru musa yar'adua intended to resign.. that being untrue made sss to swoop on their station forcefully close it down and drag their staff away to detention.. all these after channels had apologised for its mistake and retracted the story.
(who can blame them, with his health, one would think that that would have been the wiser choice!)

hot on the heels of that is the arrest of johnathan elendu, the publisher of another online newspaper, he was arrested as he went into nnamdi azikiwe airport in abuja.
and they(sss) are currently seeking the publishers of and

hmmm, if this had been happening in 1994-1995 i would have had a perfect explanation and i wouldnt even dare blog about it for fear of being tagged an opposition, but in this democratic era, who knew that we would still fancy the ways of old? take a stroll through the stone age? try to force people to our way of thinking? its soo amazing i dont even want to believe it..

when baba was in power, i sometimes cringed at the manner of insults that were hauled at him on daily basis, his daily comparisons, all the jokes that centered on first his looks and then his style of government, the slurs about his personal life, he took it in his stride, did his time and left. i mean yar'adua only has one nickname ....yet! what is he being all hot and bothered for? abi the directives are not from him? can anyone truly convince me of that?

other news, efcc has lost the case files against, obasanjo, ibori, odili, igbenedion,fayose etc etc... so now, they officially have no case to answer as it would be near impossible to prosecute them without evidence.
i have no comments on this one whatsoever, and i thought we were actually making headway in our fight against corruption...tsk tsk!

AT least when ribadu was there, we got a large number of prosecutions and wins and it actually gave us hope no matter how much some thought he was a government machinery to haunt those that stopped being loyal to baba.

Bring back ribadu, conduct fresh elections, change the constitution, bring in the young and out with the old, lets inject youth into the government and lets watch nigeria take its pride of place amongst the other countries of the world, most importantly, let people enjoy their rights, Freedom of Speech! anyone?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i need to.....ARGGGGHHH!!

God!! when will i ever learn??.. ok before i start ranting.. i need to apologize for my 2 weeks leave or something... i dont know who even signed the papers authorizing the leave.. i guess i had the signature forged..hehe.. ok... ..last post was about breaking up with my friend cum boyfriend cum friend right??

well i did it. told him nicely i thought the dynamics of the relationship worked better in a friendship state than anything else and i wud like to redefine the whole thing and take us 3 months back. he was cool about the whole thing, still calling me and all that.. we even hung out(with others of course) and then suddenly he's taking the piss!

dude is acting like a 3 year old.. talking to me anyhow.. doing all that thrash talking boys like to do(no offense to guys), being the first one to diss me, and all that bull crap!

am so pissed right now, am not even going to mind my language! dude is straight out of his mind!
i cant even believe that for a quarter of a second i thot he was grown and matured.. like for God sakes ure friggin22!! grow up already!

i have let other guys down and they didnt resort to that.. u might as well take a gun and put it to my head! issh!

never been so angry in a long time.. and i dont even need this right now.. its taking up valuable space in my head.. i should be bothered about other stuff not dumbos!!