Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just a matter of opinion

quick update:: I LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!

i just read the full story of the nigerians booted off the britsih airways flight enroute to lagos.
i cant imagine how more wrong they could be. its possible that mr. omotade is telling us less than what really happened but the fact that BA is keeping quiet about it like they couldnt be bothered really annoying, got so pissed off i signed one petition like that against 'em. if i had my way.. nigerians would stop flying them at least for a month and lets see what happens to them.. i like the point one blogger raised.. 'they make most of their revenues from developing countries and their citizens who cant keep their arses in their countries'(paraphrased). developed countries' citizens onli fly twice in a year.. to their holiday destination and back! they cant make that much money off their people.. duh!

i know we nigerians can be a handful at times.. being in a plane with boisterous people who drink a lil red wine and get even more talkative could be trying.. but thats their job and i'd be damned if i wud do it for them! going by the story, the man never even did anything to them. he was just being concerned for a fellow brother.. maybe he shud have minded his very own business he probably wud have made his brother's wedding! (reason why he was going to naija and he never made it plus the brothers suit, and other accesories were with him.. wedding must have sucked!!)
and to cap it all.,.. being arrested and detained like a common criminal.. dayumm! am so pissed!

was running it by a friend of mine and my God arent we the most tribalistic people on earth! in an issue like this she had to find the tribal side... asking where was it goin to? i said lagos and she goes "now i know why" i ask why? and she goes well if it had been goin to abuja, u wud have more northerners on it and since they have the monopoly of 'calmness and good breeding'(my words not hers) it wudnt result into that kind of situation.. in essence lagos= agbero.
mehn was i stunned! like WTF?? in this day and age?
how can we still be so ethnicist? and i thot this was the modern age.. thot we had left the stoneage a few hundred years behind?? i guess its seriousli galloping to catch up and has caught a few of us up already.. what kind of bullshit talk is that???... i didnt even want to get into hausa/the rest of nigeria talk with her.. so i just closed the msn window...

am not trying to put them down but why do hausa people like to feel superior to other languages in nigera?( no offense intended its just my opinion) but really why?? i mean imagine being called iyarai(word for tribe in hausa.. i find it derogatory)

i understand and speak hausa, have lived in the north for 14 years now but i cant get past it wen they do their hoity toity shit! me and this friend get into arguments all the time about this discrimination issue.. like calling people names and feeling a person's behaviour is explained cos they are of a certain tribe...does any of this make sense?

i guess am just ranting but it realli gets to me and nigerians being run off an airline has to mean its cos its goin to lagos thats why.. why doesnt BA start running 'northern/hausa onli' flight.. lets see how much money they would make..p.s am from kogi state.


I think a 20 yr-old has a crush on me!

did i just write that? lol silly me anyways.. havent had much of anything happening in my life these days.. just the usuall.. school hang out.. school; hang out.. how boring can anything get>?? lol
i realli shud start writing my thots down.. thot of this realli bloggable topic the other day and now its out of my mind and i cant even remember it... serious issues.... i shud also start keeping a journal of my food intake cos am beginning to add weight.. i dont need any love handles(abi what r they called??)

was in a quiz the other day and i was writing and using chat lingo.. my God! i need to go back to english grammar,, the bottled leopard days!

someone said a very stupid thing to me today.. it just pissed me off bad cos am a very proud person as in am proud of my intellectual capabilities and please.. i dont need anyone questioning them.. thats the job of my lecturers! they do that enuff.. i mean whats ur own whether or not i pass or who's on top of the class or rather who's above me in the class? do i smell competiton here?/

my grandfather just had a mild stroke.. am scared oo, does that mean he's growing old? he cudnt make use of his left part of the body and my mum had to go get him cos they live in the villa(not aso rock oo lol)
am hoping he gets well soon and stays well too cos am not about to lose another grandfather oo..abeg.

am having a debate on friday.. i was so enthusiastic about it but now am quite against it. i dont wanna do it no more.. well cos am not a public speaker. i dont know what made me say i would do it in the first place.. oh wait! i know.. cos they asked me.. and i was feeling very special like yay.. they think am clever! now see where it has gotten me to.. i seriously dont wanna do it.. but i cant feign illness or anything cos my team mates wud crucify me.. chei i don suffer.. anyways that day maybe i wud smoke a lil weed and be high so i wudnt even care wen i fumble or anything..

had a rather graphic r18 dream today and i wasnt even thinking r18 before i went to bed.. overraging

listened to the mohits album yet? am still loving ololufe here's another one for those moments
alicia keyes-tell u somthing and like u'll never see me again all from her latest work, as i am.. i tell u its amazing.

Friday, April 18, 2008

my friends are pissing me off!

i have been pissed off half of the time this week.
sometimes i know why others i don't.
i hate being pissed off cos it leads me to snap at others for no fault of theirs and i hate having to act cool and friendly when all i want to do is snap at someone.
lately some two friends of mine have been acting weird. they have been getting closer and taking themselves out of the group. i know in a group there are always people who r closer but showing it?
leads others to think thoughts which aren't quite flattering such as: " they are gossipping bout us"
then it wouldn't be their fault cos u don't do stuff like that.
well they been doing that and one of em been acting really weird like not talking to u except the other is there, walking past u on the streets and acting like they cant see u. when u come to her room, she isn't welcoming, and stuff like that.

i have been thinking for a while like is she only doing this to me until i asked others and they all confirmed.. oh well f-k it .. i was gonna ask her outright and be like 'is everything cool between us?" but am not gonna do that .. if she doesn't wanna be friends no more.. its not by force i mean i still have other friends.. and i don't have to have friends sef.. its just that no man is an island...

been having this recurring headaches.. i know its stress but am kinda stress free now cos my exams r over but still they continue. strange.

anyone who hasn't heard the mo hits curriculum vitae album should go listen to it. its off the hook. first recommendation? ololufe.. if u don't like it.. ..SLAP ME!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

AM thinking

lately, i feel like i have been termed an outcast. am a victim of my time but refuse to be a product of my age. everyone around me is getting into things that begs admonishing/ advice for them. and i choosing no to be part of these things gives me a kind of name.

i like respect, i love love who doesnt? but guys my age i would say dont know how to make these two go together. they think because they say they love u shud make u open ur legs and allow them do watever. even the dumbest starlet knows that that is bULLS**T IF u say 'hey i love u so we shud do it" we know thats no expression of love but lust.. and thats the cross that i carry because i refuse to beleieve in this. i dont see myself as a sexual person but lots of males, both old and young just get the hots when the see me (i realli dont know what it is.. i call it my 'goodluck' lol ironic)

Eversince i was young, my mum has drummed it into our heads it doesnt pay to be a whore to no man but ur husband, atleast then u have ur respect and i have lived by that principle justly but sometimes i wonder if i would ever meet that man, because most people that come to me have always just wanted me physically, its all about how i look, nothing in depth. because of this i have never had a boyfriend because i cant get out of my head that he would just want me for my exterior and its an insult to me to not be interested in what i interriorly(pardon my use of english) have to offer.

recently, i was having a conversation with some guy frends of mine and they were asking me if i have ever done anything sexual with a guy, kissing petting, heavy petting and the likes.. when i said no.. they fell into a silence so great i wished i had lied. they said i was the mos naive and innocent girl they had ever met, what did i hope to achieve with that.. did i think i would get a guy that way? they went on and on.. it got me thinking yeah i notice when they also talk bad of the girls they sleep with so which is better being a 'good/bad' girl? am 21 gonna be 22 soon and i have had male admirers eversince i was like 14 but no one has ever been anything but into my looks. it made me pause for a minute that would i ever meet that one that would not be physicall attracted or make it the bane of his wanting to be with me.

in our world today.. every image is made out to be sexual or has sexual innuendos. it makes it hard for people like me to survive in a world like this. makes it like am an appendage that needs to be shed. i used to recieve a lot of peer pressure, friends trying to hook me up but now they have all left it... and they r now like 'she's a lost cause'. and some people think i have too lofty an idea of the 'ideal man' for me.
i am sane enough to know am not the perfect woman either but wanting someone to respect me as well love me isnt too lofty or is it?
i need answers.