Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 in review

like all other years, 2007 has had its ups and its downs.. averagely, i think it has had a far less share of eventful unlike 2004,2005 and 2006.

below are a few things i got off the net and some of my thots about what went down in 2007, what was hot and what was not!


  1. southland tales

  2. wild hogs

  3. mr. brooks

  4. across the universe

  5. evan almighty

  6. the reaping

  7. its a boy girl thing

  8. i know who killed me

  9. shrooms

  10. blonde ambition

top ten best movies

  1. 4months 3 weeks and 2 days

  2. away from her

  3. there will be blood

  4. the assasination of jesse james

  5. meet the robinsons

  6. before the devil knows ure dead

  7. zodiac

  8. paris, je t'aime

  9. grindhouse

  10. knocked up.

whatever happened to shrek3?? dream girls??? pursuit of happyness???? why did i get married??????

anyways critics are onli human and we all would always differ in taste but the above? hmm....


  • the launch of the long awaited I-phone

  • death of pavarotti, italian singer who died at age 79

  • sidney sheldon dies too at age 82 and anna nicole smith at 39! tragic

  • isaiah washington leaves grey's anatomy under controversial circumstances.

  • the real- life malfunction of most hollywood starlets- britney spears, lindsay lohan, micha barton(dui), paris hilton, jamie lynn, vanessa hudgens... on and on... and on and on.. and on and on.. lol

.......and in nigeria and rest of africa

  • pipeline fire in agbagbo , lagos kills.. official release..28.. figure ranges from 28- over 200... wow

  • 4 states have their elections anulled including.. gombe, kogi, rivers.

  • kenyan elections

  • jacob zuma, south africa's vice president who is currently facing allegations of corruption, becomes the new leader of the ANC party.

special adress.

megan williams, a 20 year old african american female, was abducted by suspected white supremasists and subjected to torture beyond the scope of human understanding.

she was raped repeatedly by six people including 3 men and 3 women between the ages 20-49, was stabbed in different places, had her hair pulled out and was forced to eat rat and dog shit. she was also choked with cords and beaten for a whole week before she finally got the chance to escape and look for help.

her crime??? for being BLACK!

she was held in a remote cabin off the main road and no one even hrd her cry for help until she managed to escape wen her kidnappers were all out. she is presently in hospital recieveing treatment and her abductors are facing charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and battery. if found guilty, they afce up to 40 or more years in jail with their jail term running concurrently.

you might ask why these things happen??

no one knows! we only pray we dont get faced with such a situation ever! amin.


Simi Speaks said...

seems like a lot happened in 07. But we always still have reasons to give thanks!

1st time here. Nice!!

Have an awesome new years.

zara said...

well thanx.. kinda new though.. hope u keep coming back. have a wonderful new year!

Miss Maple said...

Tot I’d add a few more stuff for u…

MOMENTS IN 2007 in Nigeria, Africa and the World.
Members of the Nigerian House of Representatives chose Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Etteh last June to become Nigeria's first ever female speaker. She resigned barely 5months into her appointment amid a monumental scandal of N628 million she approved without due process to renovate both hers and her deputy’s official residence.

Also in Nigeria:
Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili was made VP of the World Bank African region while Dr. Ngozi-Okonjo Iweala was appointed MD of the World Bank.
Mr. Rotimi Adebari, became the first black mayor in Ireland.
The Junior Eagles dazzled the world winning the under 21 world cup by beating Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

Liberia's top government minister, Willis Knuckles, also had to resign over a sex scandal in early 2007.

John Browne, an iconic figure in British business who helped make BP into one of the world's most successful businesses, abruptly stepped down as chief executive after losing a legal battle to keep secret details of his personal life. (He was Gay).
BP said Browne's resignation would mean he would lose a bonus worth more than £3.5 million, or $7 million, and would forfeit inclusion in a long-term performance share plan for 2007-2009 worth up to £12 million.

Last week......
The murder of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, one of Pakistan's most famous and enduring politicians.
Bhutto was the best known political figure in Pakistan, serving two terms as prime minister between 1988 and 1996. She bore the legacy of her hanged father and was respected in the West for her liberal outlook and determination to combat Islamic extremism.

zara said...

wow thanx... i didnt so many things went down in 2007 i guess i didnt do my research well.. thanx for taking the time to fill me in.. wud edit as soon as possible.


I can't believe that I haven't seen any of the movies on either list. lol!

Anyway, Nigerian wahala is never ending. So many more states have now had elections revoked.

Nice post and nice blog. Can't believe it is my first time here. Let us know when you update!