Saturday, December 15, 2007

back again

hey everybody,
used to be on this blog thing but got cold feet and left it ...
after going thru lots of posts again.. decided to come back.. oh well it doesnt hurt to have somewhere to air my hurts and boi! do i have a lot of them! anyways wud be trying my best to put things up but dont hold me if i dont.. we all are very busy people..:,)
my life so far..
hmm got a bf broke up in a month reason: not compatible.. (thot i really digged him then though silly)
got an improvement in my cgpa from the previous semester goody

had fun in nigeria during the summer got meself a bucketload of dates and wannabe first 'doers'
succesfully fended them off
wat else??looking to meet someone new, invigorating and interesting.. still waiting for that miracle..

hah!! how cud i forgot.. got snitched on by a freind worst thing ever.. i still feel somehow whenever i see her.. i mean how cud she.. taking an all girls gist to bois and now its like we talk about em or something.. ok well duh! we do but ure not innocent either!!

plus.. this is the big one.. another friend who i thot was realli close to me and realli cared doesnt reaalli care.. infact she cant be bothered.. yeah.. i just found out.. sad.. been down in the dumps for a week now.. i mean cmon if am paranoid or talk to much about myself there is a way u say not wen we r conferencing with other people and then u go.. hey got over urself already! the world doesnt revolve around u!! that was the harshest thing ever and i cant still get over it.. to y, u hurt me real bad.. am still finding it hard to forgive u...

got some new shoes am loving .. was surfing the net and i came across the same shoes on no other person than so psyched! lol

bang! right there.. thats it on her feet.. duh!! where else.. lol please scroll up .. thank u.. and btw.. mine is white.. just so u know.. abeg help me rejoice.. lol j.k

am currently loving..

bleeding love-leona lewis

give a chic a hand- mya(inspiration for my website addy lol)

hot-avril lavigne

crank dat -soulja boi

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