Thursday, December 27, 2007


BENAZIR BHUTTO, the former prime minister and main opposition to musharraf's government is dead.
this pakistani woman was killed in a bomb blasts minutes ago in a rally in rawalpandi, a town in pakistan.
it is beleived that she was shot in the neck and chest before the suicide bomber blewhim/herself up.
pakistan has been in the news eye for sometime now especially towards the end of this year with the people taking to the streets and demonstrating against their president, musharraf. they asked for him to be impeached or for him to step down and he refused.. instead he formed an interim government and pushed the elections closer.
he later dissolved the intermi government and put himself back in position and stripped himself of his general position in the enemy so that he would be competing in the next elections as a civilian.

benazir bhutto on the other hand has been was a prime minister but was exiled.She was sworn in for the first time in 1988 but removed from office 20 months later.In 1993 Bhutto was re-elected but was again removed in 1996. and exiled. both times she was removed from office under charges of alleged corruption. she stood as a role model to lots of people and was viewed as the strongest opponent of president musharraf. however, her untimely death has caused a whole new dimention to the pakistani politics. obviousli fingers would be pointed at musharraf as her killer but who did kill her? she had just finished her rally and was in a car going out. she stood and was waving at her supporters when the assasin came out of the crowd and took three shots at her before detonating himself. she died on the way to the hospital from the wounds she sustained from the gunshots.

she was aged 54 and she is survived by 3 children, aseefa,bilawal and bakhtwar. may God give them and the entire pakistani nation the fortitude to bear the loss and may her soul rest in peace. amen.

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