Tuesday, December 18, 2007

whats the deal?

been swamped with school work. its the season of the holidays and every lecturer just wants us to not enjoy the holidays but actually do school work all through it.
projects projects and more projects. i seem to not have time to sleep let alone anything else.

God am so tired.
discovered a new series am totally loving right now.. shark! the dialogue is brilliant, the plot is thick and everything else is just gravy..

was in doors all through this weekend just watching it anyone that hasnt been seeing should start please its realli brilliant and its not frivolous like ugly betty and the likes(eventhough i watch it :) ) lol its major court room drama and all what it entails especially when it has to do with homicidal cases.

hmm... the weekend was a bore didnt even leave my bed.. just indoors watching shark and eating.. wel at least i rested now am at my desk trying to complete my projecct which is due on friday. after that i have another one due in a week. pray for me! i guess it would come to an end when its over.. in a year;'s time .. amen.

well happy holidays people.. to the muslims,, happy eid mubarak celebrations.. to the chritians.. merrry christmas!