Friday, December 21, 2007

this soulful woman

leona lewis is a 22 year old girl who recently stormed to the top of charts with her heart rending single bleeding love.. before this she had a single which broke world record of highest downloads in an hour! the title of the song? a moment like this!

this is a remake of the same song with the same title as kelly clarkson's come out song when she won the american idol in 2002.

she is from islington in england and is of afro carrribean blood. she is being likened to mariah carey in voice. she is a reall talented singer and hits high notes.

i realli love her and she's my newly discovered 'best singer'. its in quotes cos i love different people at different times.

i love the whole album.. there is no song that doesnt do it for me there.. if ure a fan of blues.. r&b.. u shud go out now and get the album its called spirit. i dont know why am campaigning for her but seriousli she is great. i hope she's here to stay not like most artistes we see now who use up all their materials in their first album and cant create the same magic a second time. from the album guaranteed songs r bleeding love,, moment like this.. whatever it takes... i will be.. yesterday... enjoy.

the sallah wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.. i mean considering am broke.. went to the bank the day before but found out they aonli did a half day and were closed wen i came... i almost lost it.. i was so sad.. cos that means i wud be broke till monday wen i get to go again.. damn!

i hate this holidays rite now.. lol

plus school is almost at an end

two more weeks.. yipee then i would have one mor year.. am so sure pressed to be out of here and back in naija.. i love naija mehn.. and i miss it whenever am away from it.. plus my family too. God bless them! and everyone else!
above is a pic of her.

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