Wednesday, December 17, 2008

why am i so confused?

hi lovely people! am confused!

or rather.. am greedy.
i have a dilemma.. not really, am just creating one for my self.
there are four guys in my life right now.
their names are... cute,cool,handsome and fun!

cute and fun are in my school and i hang out with them sometimes. i had a crush on cute sometime five weeks ago only to find out that he has liked me eversince we became friends.. cool info right? i thot so at first then, i stopped liking him(typical of me, i dont like people for long..disturbing!)

instead, i started crushing fun who is baggage impersonified. he also claims to have had a crush on me forever but was just too chicken to tell me(right!).

these are the ones within my radar, then there is cool and handsome.

i have known cool for a while, handsome i just met this summer and we flirted albeit mildly.
cool is just like his name, u never know what he's thinking, he's the guy who stopped talking to me when he found out i was dating my ex, and started talking to me after we broke up. i have had confirmation that he is into me, but i dont see it. he texts me(cos he;s not in the same place as i am) and all that, but he's irregular and i love being pampered, made to feel like am all in ur mind and all that(i know dont all girls?!-sigh-), but he doesnt give me that, so i stray away from him sometimes and then handsome!

oh handsome! met him this summer, he's cocky, arrogant and i like him! i usually dont like his type but there is something about him that's got me going... i added him on facebook and we start messaging eachother and we chat, everytime i chat with him, i come away with butterflies in my tummy and ... arent i too old for that?? i gues snot..hehe.. and i like the feeling.. but his facebook status says in a relationship but i have learned not to believe such things(all these facebook amebo am doing! GOD!) but i dont want to get into any body's way ooo... hmmm... well.. as it is right now, i don want one of them, i wan all of them, if i can have em,, arent i being just very greedy! -sigh- how do i stop?


doug said...

Ok you haven't even started dating them and youre already

Good luck dating 'em all! One relationship is enough of a headache not to speak of four.

First time here!!!

And first!!!!!!!!!

zara (my alter ego) said...

lol.. welcome.

well am trying to figure out which i want the most and is that cheating?? well we'll c... watch out for part two..

Lyrically speaking said...

wow, at least you have choices, lol, too many...some women are praying for a man to fall on their lap, lol, much luck. Great post!

Buttercup said...

lol..thats greed all right!

how far with them now?

Danny Bagucci said...

four dudes? that's real multi-tasking i

Lady X said...

I totally understand! I was in the same situation late last year!I hope you find who you really like soon! Cuz it can be such a headache!!