Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1month don waka...sorry!

Wow! Was that a month or close to being one? Am soo sorry… my internet was on the blink... I noticed something... less people come to my blog and even less leave comments… does this mean am not interesting anymore?? Well I know... I have become too politically correct, from this moment on, am going back to what I know. Yeah... talking about what really happens in m life not blocking it out and writing about general affairs..!

Right, in the last 3 weeks or more, lots of things have been happening in my life… issues mehn!

I finally confronted my ex-lover(ha-ha) about his malicious( or my presupposed ) treatment of me, he denied saying he didn’t know he was acting different and that he was sorry if he was.. Well now he treats me better lets say... moving on… something amazing happened... ok I have never blogged about this guy before, he was in my life for about 3 years then disappeared without no trace, now he’s back. We never dated but it was obvious he liked me, we flirt on and off, then he disappears off my radar, my texts go unanswered, I call his phone, it never goes thru, he no longer comes on msn, he goes off face book and my emails go unanswered, total block!. I say oh well, I move after all I wasn’t into him that much plus not that I had a fight with him, he just disappeared, then he becomes friends with my recent ex(that’s before I begin to date him)and when he found out we were dating, he says he never thought we fit and well he hopes it all goes well for us, I find it weird that he never asks for me, then we break up and now this guy is back, calling me, texting me, emailing me, chatting like nothing ever happened and now he seriously wants to see me, do u think what am thinking? Lol.

My sister is getting married in December, am so excited I can’t wait for December; it’s going to be a Christmas wedding... oohhh sweet! But! Yes but, have u ever had a situation where people just wouldn’t let good things happen to you/ they always have to look for a way to ruin it? Well that’s what’s been happening to her for more than a month now... and these people are none other than family! Yes family! Not immediate but extended... its weird how you think family which is supposed to have ur back is the one that turns around to stab you in the back. Going into my family talk here is going to take one long arse post so am just going to summarize it and say, my father’s family doesn’t like my mum and hence they do whatever they want to ruin anything good coming her way. So its not about my sister but my mum, they go and tell her future mother in law things bout my mum and she not knowing better tries to get the marriage stopped, crazy stuff I tell. I became so embroiled I couldn’t concentrate on school, but now to the glory of God, everything has been resolved and the guy’s family now see these people for who they truly are, cos no matter how a person isn’t good, u don’t talk about em to outsiders cos they are ur family so if you do, what does it say about u?

am in my final year, I have decided that I have been a good girl too long! I mean 21 and never been kissed? Mighty weird! I think… especially in the world of today... well I have decided to take a foray into the wild side... nothing too much, just a fling and then I graduate... easy right? No strings attached, no emotions, just hang out, make out and generally have a good time… I have my eye on someone... and it’s not the guy that came back recently into my life, he’s too far away (London). Am going to be dedicating my next posts to my escapades and my sister’s upcoming nuptials... wish both of us luck... but her more...she needs it!


Abujamaiden said...

Goodluck to both of y'all!

And sometimes I wish I wasn't even kissed at sixteen. Silly!

I was clicking ur blog link every now and then and saw no updates. I think people give up when u update less frequently. I think!

Takecare dear enjoy the owambe/ aure.

zara (my alter ego) said...

thanx!yeah thats true!

Buttercup said...

Hey sweets! Hmm where do i start..

Yea, abujamaiden is right..u r no less interesting than anyone else, u dont have to change what u talk about!

Good that ur ex is treating u better. Its obvious the other guy was hurt that he didnt get u, so he switched off n decided to switch on again now that u r no longer with ur ex..i often wonder why a guy cant make attempts to remain friends after the girl has said no, just what if by doing that the girl changes her mind??

Its sad that families are the last people to just really surprises me!

Lol yea, u shud start living a have u been able to avoid being kissed all this while???

munirat said...

@ buttercup.. it is sad.. even though i ave accepted it.. thank God its not immediate family.. how have i managed?? i dont know oo.. i guess it just happened! lol