Thursday, December 11, 2008


People and things never cease to amaze me, the moment i think i am beyond shock, something comes along to shock me ,again, and again, and again.

last night, a friend was having a house party, we are all bored cos school is out for a week, so we hit her place, having fun, grooving.(lol)

there/s this guy who i have know for quite a while now, infact they are a group of friends nd we hang out a lot. there's this girl he's been chasing wanting to sleep with her(for what reason, i dont know). the chase has been on for maybe a semester now, i think he eventually did though and he has a girlfriend(they say they have broken up, but subsequent events made me think otherwise)

we are at this house party, and he's dancing with the girl(the one he was chasing, lets call her the mistress) and his girl comes along(let's call her,HER). HER asks the MISTRESS to move along cos she wanted to dance with her man, and she refuses, i think it degenerated into a shouting match/insulting match and HER walks away, leaving for home. HER's boyfriend(supposed) comes out and tries to talk to HER. she ignores him and keeps on walking, his friend calls her and she heeds and comes back, he starts telling her...God knows what,- i was quite a distance away,- albeit unknowingly to anyone, the MISTRESS had come out and she came up to HER and continued the insults, then lo! and behold! she strikes HER! palm open!. what a shock??! i turn around and HER is scremaing and shouting and crying and everyone is trying to hold HEr back from fighting and she says:
" ..........(insert boy's name) because of u, because of u, she slapped me, OH! God! i hate u! i hate u!"

he's trying to beg Her and the MISTRESS is all the way on the other side getting a piece of everyone's mind, his friends are angry at her, HER's friends' want to go and fight her, its chaos. i manage to calm most people down and HER and her boyfriend go home to sort out their mess, and the mistress is left in the cold.

now everyone is saying how much HER didn't deserve it, How the want to beat up the MISTRESS, how shit is fcuked up! everyone just seems hell bent on blaming the MISTRESS.

my prognosis
i blame the boy. HEr probably had no idea he was sleeping with someonelse,or she did and she turned a blind eye towards it. the mistress knew he was dating someonelse, but she wanted a piece of it and she took it.
we are greedy people, we like to eat our cake and have it(boyfy and mistress) but what makes us humane is if we consider how it would hurt other people, especially those we care about. obviously boyfy didnt think too long about how HEr would feel, and mistress didnt think bout it at all, cos sometimes, it plays out that a mistress could become the housewife. who knows? it might become so for her!
i always preach faithfulness, but people think am over righteous. this is the result of not being faithful. some people are proper players but then others arent but every young man wants to be one, it usually ends up in chaotic situations.
the girls that stay with them, i dont want to be too hard, but what makes em stay? i wont take love as an excuse, because i have never heard of anyone dying of a broken heart. the heart is elastic, it mends, no matter how far it is stretched, if a guy doesnt treat you the way u think u deserve to be treated, dump him. what doesnt kill you, can never kill you.(lol).

now, i wonder whats going to happen to the lot of them, its a sad story considering all the players are below 22!


Kemberly said...

Omg!!! Ain’t that MISTRESS a trip!!! Whaaaaaat! Couldn’t have been me! She would have ended up needing EMERGENCY SERVICES! Are u serious? Her is a little bit of a softie. I wouldn’t have even let things degenerate to that level…don’t talk back to the MISTRESS…I would have walked away…And I swear, if it were my boyfriend, he would have know that unless (they no born am well), to walk right behind me! Nuff said!

IDK said...

lol @ kemberly's man "walkin rite behind her", lol dat's wat's up:P, bt na wa for d guy oo..

Rita said...

All these happened in public? The players are all below 22? They have a long way to go then...They probably need to know he's not worth their fight.

zara (my alter ego) said...! i had to laff at ur comment,feels like, u were totally annoyed by the hole thing!
yeah her is a softie and a sweetheart, lol@right behind me.

@idk, na real wa oo.. as in y wont anyone blame him??

@rita, thats it oo.. my thoughts exactly.

AnyaPosh said...

WOW....omigoodness. That is sick. Sick in a bad way...yuck. What an awkward scary mess. It's too sad tho. If I was HER I would punch Mistress in the gut. Yes..I'm violent. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I don't care if He slept with her, I have to save my dignity & reputation. I won't take that shit, especially when people are around watching... hiss.

Abujamaiden said...

I blame the guy...jerk!

But it takes two oh! Didn't MISTRESS know that there was a HER in the first place. Don't blame the player only oh, if MISTRESS didn't cooperate, this mess wouldn't have happened.

So, I blame MISTRESS too!

May God never put me in that kinda mess. Which reminds me, I have a similar post and the parties are all under 22 (I'm sure Rita is freaked out!)

zara (my alter ego) said...

@ abuja!!! under 22's r sure hitting up the scene in the world.
@ anyaposh... yeah it is kinda sick.. welcome to my blog.

Timmy said...

yes, i completely blame the boy...its all his fault and nobody else....although i didnt think it necessary for the mistress to slap "HER"

Buttercup said...


yea, the guy has to be blamed but mistress def deserves her share of the blame too..why the hell did she resort so slapping her and raining insults? hissss

CaramelD said...

WOW!!!! What's with the violence? na wa! Not worth it mman! Can't fight over a man in public. God has not made that day yet!