Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh dear

I have been tagged. I thought the tag tsunami was already over and i hadn't drowned now the ebbing waters seem to be seriously fighting me..oh dear!
my problem isn't being tagged but actually thinking up 6 not that weird! lol plus i don't know how to link people.. still new to blogging... oh dear!
well will try and figure it along the way.. here goes:
1. link the person(s) who tagged you…
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been
1. i love bananas. i cud eat em for breakfast, lunch and dinner. in fact am eating them rite
2. am totally totally scared of rats.. if i find a rat anywhere.. i cant be in that place anymore.. no matter how much i try to compose myself.. a rat always manages to help me lose my composure.. no matter how tiny it is! i have tried to rid my self of this rato-phobia but hmm if wishes were horses..
3.i think faster than i write.. and that causes me points in exams. when i see a question and am thinking of the answer.. i want to get it all down before the thought escapes me cos i feel it might.. and this causes me to make writo-graphical errors(from on the other hand i type faster than i think.. so am always pausing to finish a thought before typing or to actually think something.. problem!
4.i like changing clothes. i can never stay throughout a day with one outfit.. i have to change it at some point in time.. gets on a lot of people's nerves cos then if we have to go somewhere.. i have to look for something else to wear.. same goes for underwear.
5. when i run i hold my boobs.. funny but i actually run faster that way.. and the boobs don't get in my embarrassed me a couple of times.. but what can i do?.. have to stop em from bouncing off my chest..
6. i am still afraid of ojuju calabar!
well that's it... my six unquirky quirks! well to solve my linking problems... i tag everybody. pls feel free to be tagged by me..!


Dammy said...

#1. I hope it is not what I am thinking...what kind of (Naughty me!)

#2. I understand your phobia for rats and don't ever think you are alone cos I hate rodents! But I am not scared of them!

#3. Where are your thoughts racing to? I guess you would have to apply a break somewhere along the line so you won’t crash your thoughts! lol!

#4. You must be a very neat person, changing your clothes at that rate. Hmmm…come to think of it, you must be very rich to be able to afford changing clothes more than once a day!

#5. You got me really thinking on this one! I observed that most women do that but I still don’t know why they have to hold it since it is attached to the chest and can’t fall off! Well, some are born gifted with it, some achieve the gift, while others have it thrust on them in larger proportion…lol...This is my submission!

#6. lol…Well some really has this weird looks and you can’t but stand their presence. I am not scared of them anyway but you will always find me at a great distance away from them! Lol!

zara said...

#1 banana banana as in the one u peel to eat.. as in the fruit which monkeys supposedly enjoy a lot.. as in.. how many more ways can i describe it?? lol

#2 i can stand other rodents but rats.. the petrify me!

#3 i know know.. maybe i shud ask them one day.." abeg make una wait.. wia una wan go maself"? lol

#4 lol its not being neat.. i just get bored.. rich ke..

#5 well i guess its just wen guys place their hands against their nether regions in football when a freekick is being taken. its called protective measures! lol

Tairebabs said...

The running and holding your breast quirk was so funny! if ojuju calabar qualifies as clowns, i have a phobia as well.

zara (my alter ego) said...

lol well to a lot of people it would be believe me.. i have been embarrassed by that very unladylike quirk of mine plenty of times..
ojuju calabar could be anything that scares you, from masqurades to clowns to imaginary monsters in cupboards to ghosts.. just anything! parents shud stop scaring their children with ojuju calabar, i never outlived it from my childhood!

-xXx- L'amour -xXx- said...

I HATE rats!!!
Good Lord...i'd rather die than be in the same room with a rat!!
rat/rodents!! i hate themmmmmm gosh..thinkn bt them right naw is making me itch!!! arghhhhhhh!!!

lmao @ protective measures!! do ur thing jo..nothing do you!