Thursday, May 22, 2008

plenty plenty nonsense!

in the words of mya, am about to give a chick a hand!

what kind of nonsense is this?

calm down??

lemme tell u the story then u would understand why am pissed.

>>rewind to beginning of semester<<
....this girl calls me from nij that she's in a jam and she cant get back to school unless she clears up some debt from the previous semester.. she needs $1350 to do that. i like and respect her a lot(not my close friend but stil we hang out sometimes..) so i gave her $850 that was the most i could do.... she paid.. got out of the jam she was in.. came back to school.. everything was gravy..

>>fastforward to may<<

..hasnt paid me my money!
wtf? u say?? well thats what i asked at first.. scroll up.... dont worry i'll wait!

ok now ure back.. yeah now u agree with me abi? am so pissed at her rite now i cant eat!
what kind of bullshit thing is that! all she does is send me flimsy text messages that she doesnt have money her transfer is having problems.. she cant get money put in her mastercard.. bullshit lies..(i tell u i know.. they r lies!)..

its been what 3 months?? if she doesnt have any money, how can she afford to survive,, eat,, go out,, shop(cos she does have caught her a number of times and she always tries to dodge!).. and even credit her fone to text me all those messages huh?

rite now am flat broke.. dont have a dime and cant even call my pops for money cos he wud raise the roof... am supposed to wait till june for money from him but i dont know how am goin to survive.. i used to act nicely to her but now am bringing out my fangs.. i need my money...biatch!(pardon my french ..but..)....

she's promising friday.. if friday comes and she doesnt give it to me.. i dont know what am goin to do but it wont be good.. i mite just cry.. cos i know i cant fight.. nor quarrel.. nor raise hell... nor scare anyone shitless.

i have always thot i was a nice person but there is a thin line between nice and stupid.. am about to cross it..cos what else explains my behaviour that i cant demand whats mine back henh??



'Yar Mama said...

Just make sure you save all those text messages cos thats evidence that you lent her the money if you decide to go the route of small claims...she is bound to deny later. Good luck. Wise men say never lend money to friends cos in the end you lose both the money and the friendship...

zara said...

yeah true.. have to learn to listen more to wise men!..cos am definately loosing the friendship.. dont know bout the money true about denying it.. cos she's beginning to look like it.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

thats just wrong..been in a similar situation and till today I have not gotten my money back..I got tired of asking...the amount of money was not as much as yours..I agree with yarmama.,,keep all those evidences like txt just in case you need to take her to court..which I hope wont happen...
*crosses fingers*
lets hope she pays on friday

bllk wolf said...

Zara u go raise me cash ooh!!
i need to fix my nails cuz ive been in the cave for too long...
and i guess i need a dental job(flashes CANINES)

zara said...

lol abi zara mother christmas! lol.. funny but yay! people she paid at last.. well at least some of it.. better than nothing.. i need to do an update on that!

ibiluv said...

claw her eyes out
if u need any help
call on me................

ok just read that she paid some of it....
chill a while then bare ur fangs again
u NEED ur money......*wink*

badderchic said...

I know some people who know some people who can do her in, need those people? dont worry they will do the doing once they have gotten all your money plus interest back! lol

zara said...

@ibiluv.. lol.. i do need my money.. thats why i have been chilling o the clawing part since..
@badderchic.. realli? i shud get their number.. incase of next time.. who knows?