Monday, May 26, 2008


Is it me or is it that evrytime u write in capslock.. it seems to take up a lot of space??
Anyways....yay!!!! she finally came thru.. paid me my money.. on friday! at least she gave me more than 80% so am waiting for the remaining it is better than nothing.

My fone is giving me a headache.. got it 6 months ago but i already want to change it..and i dint budget for that!..tseww.. so annoying.. got to do it soon so i can get a good value on it though..


Dammy said...

Hi Zara,
I am happy that you have got at least a greater percentage of your money back so I would like to know what my share of the loot!

You have been tagged by me. Check my blog for more information.


OluwaDee said...

10k God she paid part of the money.
Thats y I don't borrow pple money, ok except my mum.

zara said...

@ oluwadee lol.. atleast keep it in the family..
@dammy.. share of the loot?? lol we'll see.. oh dear tagged? i dont know how to play that game!.. wud try