Sunday, February 15, 2009

The valentine that was.

Contrary to my believe that my valentine wud be spent under covers with my novel and music playing in the background, it didnt quite happen like that.

surprise of all surprises, i got val-ed(is there a word like that??) lol
well anyways sha, this guy that has been acting all cosy around me lately val-ed me and told me that he truly, deeply, madly(am just exaggerating) likes me and would want to date me.

ha! this my own valentine na waoo!
it was quite out of the blue sha cos i wasnt expecting it, well not really i wasnt or maybe i chose to not acknowledge it cos i felt he knew am leaving finally in a few weeks and long distance is not an option so why want to date me?? really??

anyways i told him all my reasons for not wanting to date him and i think he got quite moody cos he left shortly after, well he'll get over it, not much i can do unless lead him on which is out of the question, sooo....

That's how my almost uneventful valentine still makes me laugh when i see his chocolates.. lol.. wen i saw them, i just remembered vera's post where she said she dint want to receive a box of chocolates and i totally agreed on how much i didnt like them, only for me to get funny!

I need to know, what's up with guys NOT wanting to date a girl, or considering her below his 'level' but not MINDING having something to do with her?? huh?? whats up with that??


Dammy said...

It appears you made your stand known after the whole Valentine rendezvous. I can imagine how the guy must have felt.

Speaking for the guys now, accepting to be his Val could mean a green light since he "has been acting all cosy" around you "lately", which suggest you know what he was up to. The poor guy must have been very excited when you consented not knowing it doesn't mean 'I DO'(caps intended.

Now I am wondering...why do some women, knowing fully well what your intentions are, would give the green light (As in lead you along) only to cut it off suddenly when you least expected?

To answer your question, at least you did say he made it known that he doesn't want to date her (meaning, he wants nothing serious), but wants to have something to do with her. It's up to the lady to decide what she wants. He's made his intentions known and there is no crime in letting out even if you are 'letting go'. Lol!

Keep some chocolate for me.

zara (my alter ego) said...

lol! u had to use my title against me huh!

well to answer UR question as to why some ladies lead u along onli to cut u off, its cos i personally dont like to assume stuff am not sure of.. he never really made his intentions known, so i wasnt gonna act like i knew what he was up to!


so, someone liked you, val-ed you and you sha dissed him? Ineteresting.

I am curious, what reasons did you give him for not wanting to date him so much so that he sobered and left without taking his box of chocolates? lol!

Hope all is well.

zara (my alter ego) said...

lol!!! i didnt diss himm sister solly.. i gave him reall practical reasons... all is well..

i leave in a couple of weeks, forever, i dont do distance relationship especially wen i dont see a future for it(which i dont with him), so whats the use of being with him wen its going to be over in like 2 weeks

he seems to be always wanting to kiss me or touch me or something physical which am not entirely comfoftable with.

his group of friends arent realli mature and not the kind of group i want to have something intimate with(even if they r my friends)..

he has an ex girlfriend who no one is sure if they r really ex's cos she seems to live at his place or always over.. and they still have sex.. not my cup of tea... i think i was wise wasnt i?

Buttercup said... that u broke it down for aunty SSD, i totally get where u r coming from..

OluwaDee said...

See you got valed, and you weren't expecting it. But you now made the guy sad, by telling him you wont date him.

You should change the font colour for your posts, its to0 light.

zara (my alter ego) said...

@buttercup... thanx for getting me.. i was beginning to think i was too

zara (my alter ego) said...

@oluwadee... umm.. yes.. thats basically the summary....??

i hope u like the colours better now..i kinda figured.. it wasnt really readable.

CaramelD said...

You were smart to run oh! Lingering ex's are never a good sign.

Damilola said...

Forgot to tell you that I like your new blog layout.

Pearl Creations said...

love you to support us too!