Friday, February 27, 2009


HURRRAYYY!! Am the happiest person i know today.

I am a graduate! full fledged! The ceremony is in a few hours and am blogging right before i start getting ready, see how much i love blogsville? lol

I never thought this day would come, well not that i didnt, but not this fast. When ure at a certain stage in your life, you keep thinking something is far from you and its going to Take forever to get there, but i guess my own my own forever just became now.

I am excited not cos am graduating but also because i graduate with a high honours degree. YES I SAID IT! IN BLOGSVILLE, I SAID IT! lol!

My parents are also here for the grad so i guess its almost like a double celebration cos i never thought they would make it since my muM has this huge fear of flying(dont know the phobia name)but she braced herself and still came.. life just became even more beautiful!

ok i was feeling kind of bad yesterday because i wanted to win the award for the best student in the department(which only goes to the first best), i worked hard, played less, read more, but i didnt quite cut it, i came tantalizingly close, but someone else beat me to it. i was quite sad then i talked to my parents and i felt better cos they were proud of me no matter what.

And then am on my facebook and my horoscope for the day says(dont know if you guys believe in horoscopes but i kinda like to read them and see if they relate, this one so does!):
"Capricorn: Hard work doesn't always pay off in the way you'd like, but you can still be proud you did it!"

what more can i say...



Rita said...


I wanted to be the best graduating student in undergrad. Someone else beat me to it. I was soo jealous. I realized she had put in more effort than I did.

I later realized that being first or second or third did not make that much difference. When you start working, it is a different world. People will respect you for what you have inside and your contributions, not your grade.

That horoscope reading was too close...sure you didn't tell them what to write :-)

Buttercup said...

Aww sweetie!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Im very happy for u. It must feel so good to have ur parents around.

All the best with the next step! Mwah!

Abujamaiden said...


I want to believe Rita about the real world being a little more than grades.

webround said...

where's the after grad party taking place...?
hope you're all settled with regards to a job

RocNaija said...

You go girl..!! Congrats!! Lucky you got your parents as well to share the moment with..

No worries.. champagne on moi!

CaramelD said...


There is no name for the natural high you get when they call your name and you walk acoss that stage! Enjoy it! It's your moment!

Kemberly said...


wordmerchant said...

Congratulations xxxxx Well done and enjoy the day :)

Funms-the rebirth said...

congrats....... well deserved! im sure u did ur best and everyone's proud of u.. thats what matters!

zara (my alter ego) said...

@RITA.. i so badly wanted it but i guess stuff happen...yup i hope i do get recognition for what i know am capable of..i dint oo(HOROSCOPE) THATS WHY its so wierd...

@buttercup.. it felt totally awesome.

@abujamaiden....thank u my dear.. i hope so too for my

@webround....thank u!
well.. am looking but nothing concrete....any offers?(finance industry)hehe

@rocnaija... thank u sweetheart! oh boy! i was soo happy i cudnt stop smiling i even knelt down to greet the person presenting my diploma to me! hilarious i tell u! lol

@kemberly..thank u sweets!

@wordmerchant..thank u! thank u! i did enjoy it(am back now).. it was a long, emotional and joyful day, i thank God.

@funms... yes oo! thank u dear!! i did, my best, and am proud of me and my parents, friends, family, colleagues are proud of me.. what more can i ask for?? i dare say even blogsville is proud of me! lol



wow! congratulations. i am sooo happy for you!!!!


I just put up a congrats note for you at Twitter!!!!!

Hope your day is fab!

miz-cynic said... so happy 4 u.congrats.dnt wory abt first price jare,u tried ur ppl dnt even graduate

mizchif said...

YAY!!! 4 Zara!

Congratulations girl! Goodluck in whatever you decide to do next!

zara (my alter ego) said...

@solly... AWWWWWW!! THANK UUU!!!



african weight loss diva said...

congratulations girl

Zena said...

Congratulations Zara

Here's too more successes coming ur way

Dammy said...

'Sometimes I ask,
why this sedulous task?
For it is vanity to compete
when we know we are complete'

Congrats Zara.

We are proud of you.


Aboki, make you vote for me for President of Nigerian Bloggers. I go give you flenty, flenty contracts.

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

First time hia...but I can't pass by wit'out joinin' in chorus:

♫Congulations to Zara...wishin' a wonderful & fulfilled life ahead.. ♫

Adekunle Shobowale said...

Congrats Beautiful. Welcome to the Grind.