Friday, February 13, 2009

These past few days...

hey guys!

I have been away for a while(short) trying to deal with the circus that was my life.. but thanks to ur good advices i have everything under control again and am ever so grateful. before my last post i was totallly confused, i wasnt sure what to do, so i had to put it out there and you all adviced me to put it out there, to talk to my friend, well i did and wow! if we all get such understanding, i guess the world wud be a better place to live in .. here is the email she sent me after the talk..
thank you so much for all uve done to me...and are still doin i really appreciate it..and i am sooo glad to have u as a frnd..and like ive said before i can proudly call you my best matter matter when..nothin can change the fact that i really do cherish u( and love u with all my heart...yeh yeah i knw am being all mushy now)

but its shame is showin u off and tellin alll them motherfuckers outta there ure MY BEST FRIEND.

u understand me, ur smart and offer advice, help wenevr i lean on u(which is almost alws)
and i wwant u to do anythin for u, and i mean anythn...dont care wat ppl say...i wud do it!

cuz u deserve evrybit of watevr it is i can thnk you so much...

lots of luv...xx

I made myself incommunicado to him like u all suggested and i think he's getting that u dont date one friend and try to date the other when ure done with one.

Since i have not been here.. i have gone through a few changes in my life... i became unemployed.. that means i GRADUATED!
My friends are bored already hearing this from me, but i cant help it, am finally done with compulsory school, any that i do now is cos i want to! that feels just good!

Rihanna, Chris Brown, am in love with chris brown so am sure that says it all how i feel about the whole affair, it wasnt him(in the words of shaggy) lol...

Did yar'mama realli stop blogging or is she on hiatus??

Afrobabe loves to facebook more than blog nowadays, u better come back! lol

well lovely people of blogsville, the world's most famous holiday is tomorrow.. how do u plan on spending urs? mine would be spent lying under my covers reading a good novel and thinking about what could be..hehe.. have a lovely valentine's day celebration! am looking forward to all the blog posts i would read from gettin my popcorn ready cos it wud be like being at the movies for!


Dammy said...

Wow! I am so happy you have dealt with the challenges. Life can be fun when you do things right.

Congrats on your graduation.

BTW: Thanks for your comment on my post. It appears you missed something...Maybe a second visit would solve the puzzle.


Rita said...

Did you call graudation unemployed? LOL. Glad to hear you're doing better. Take care.

~Sirius~ said...

Congratulations! and welcome to the real world!

Good you got out of all the happenings.

~Sirius~ said...
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Buttercup said...

awwwww thank God its all sorted..she seems really sweet :)

congratulations on ur! good for u hon! all the best with the next step..

zara (my alter ego) said...

thank u!thank u!