Sunday, July 27, 2008


i dont know why am talking about this, i really dont. like it doesnt realli matter cos bottom line is he has been caught right and is going to face the law.. but i still have questions about the whole thing.

what am i talking about? its the Austrian man who reportedly caged his daughter in a basement for 24 years.
i know there are depraved people running amok in the world right now, but this particular story seems to me a lil bit disjointed. am not saying he didnt do it, am not saying he;'s a lunatic who needs to be put away for the rest of his miserable life, but what am saying is how did he get away with it for 24 years?

the daughter apparently had a mother, didnt her mother know? or was she dead?
ok lets assume the mother was dead, he drugged her and put her in a basement for 24 years, except he kept on drugging her for those number of years, cudnt she have fought him back one day during those years, wasnt there anything in the room she could have used as a weapon, namely a table?

she had 7 kids by him, didnt the kids question why they had to live in an airless room someplace they had never been out of?

ok he took 3 to live up above with his wife, didnt the wife question where the kids were from?
didnt the 3 kids spill that there is a woman down below who has never been up here?

how come the kids conveniently forget about their life prior to them coming to live in the house and not give away the game for a long time??

lots of questions on my subconscious about the whole fiasco, but i guess i might never get answers to most of them.

i should learn to be satisfied that he is at least going to get punished, or isnt he? whats the update on his trial? anyone?


Dammy said...

I am here asking the same questions too! 24 years isn't 24 days!

Strange what people do!

Thanks for your words of encouragement!You made my day!

How're u?

Shubby Doo said...

things like this that happen in this world are so hard to understand.

the kids/ grandkids never knew anything better than what the were told.

I can semi understand the daugther.

i don't get the mother.

The father/grandfather is a monster

I guess it all goes back to fear

zara (my alter ego) said...

@DAMMY, ure welcome.. am fyne o.. yeah exactly 24 years isnt 24 days nor hours..

@shubby doo, hmmm... thanx for stopping by.

Aphrodite said...

That story doesnt just flow, something is definitely not right somewhere.

Thank God the depraved man is going to pay for his sins.

Chari said...

Me ma own is that woman cannot say she didnt know anything about she that stupid? ahnahn!!!

Say wetin now?!

As for the lucifer junior brother the guy be...

anonymous gal said...

infact this issue buggs me alot. i even did a post on it.
i heard he was given 8 years on account he is mentally unstable

Afrobabe said...

well sweetie, the story as I read it was....he built an underground prison, like the ones you build for mad people so u cant hear a thing outside, the daughter had a history of running away so no one really looked for her....he locked her up and started 'partying'...

Now on the issue of her mum who claims to not have known or suspected....I dont believe her, there is no way your husband will build an underground house without you being curious enough to go find out what he is building...and after building...he goes in there at leat 5 times a telling me u wouldn't go find out what he is doing there??

the kids wont know any different from what they are used to...afterall you are christain because you were born one...

he explained the kids away as them being dropped on their door steps by the daughter with a note on them....which he would have made her write anyway..

on the subject of the daughter..if there is no knife you could at least have bitten him senseless????

crazy world...thx God for our lives..

Afrobabe said...

seems my comment is almost longer than the post....

TY Tha Mos Magnificent said...

we livin in a crazy world

zara (my alter ego) said...

lol @afrobabe, ur analysis is very much welcome.
@anonymous gal, onli 8 years?? na waoo.. this kain justice...

@ ty, we definately do. it gets crazier everyday.