Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just a matter of opinion

quick update:: I LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!

i just read the full story of the nigerians booted off the britsih airways flight enroute to lagos.
i cant imagine how more wrong they could be. its possible that mr. omotade is telling us less than what really happened but the fact that BA is keeping quiet about it like they couldnt be bothered really annoying, got so pissed off i signed one petition like that against 'em. if i had my way.. nigerians would stop flying them at least for a month and lets see what happens to them.. i like the point one blogger raised.. 'they make most of their revenues from developing countries and their citizens who cant keep their arses in their countries'(paraphrased). developed countries' citizens onli fly twice in a year.. to their holiday destination and back! they cant make that much money off their people.. duh!

i know we nigerians can be a handful at times.. being in a plane with boisterous people who drink a lil red wine and get even more talkative could be trying.. but thats their job and i'd be damned if i wud do it for them! going by the story, the man never even did anything to them. he was just being concerned for a fellow brother.. maybe he shud have minded his very own business he probably wud have made his brother's wedding! (reason why he was going to naija and he never made it plus the brothers suit, and other accesories were with him.. wedding must have sucked!!)
and to cap it all.,.. being arrested and detained like a common criminal.. dayumm! am so pissed!

was running it by a friend of mine and my God arent we the most tribalistic people on earth! in an issue like this she had to find the tribal side... asking where was it goin to? i said lagos and she goes "now i know why" i ask why? and she goes well if it had been goin to abuja, u wud have more northerners on it and since they have the monopoly of 'calmness and good breeding'(my words not hers) it wudnt result into that kind of situation.. in essence lagos= agbero.
mehn was i stunned! like WTF?? in this day and age?
how can we still be so ethnicist? and i thot this was the modern age.. thot we had left the stoneage a few hundred years behind?? i guess its seriousli galloping to catch up and has caught a few of us up already.. what kind of bullshit talk is that???... i didnt even want to get into hausa/the rest of nigeria talk with her.. so i just closed the msn window...

am not trying to put them down but why do hausa people like to feel superior to other languages in nigera?( no offense intended its just my opinion) but really why?? i mean imagine being called iyarai(word for tribe in hausa.. i find it derogatory)

i understand and speak hausa, have lived in the north for 14 years now but i cant get past it wen they do their hoity toity shit! me and this friend get into arguments all the time about this discrimination issue.. like calling people names and feeling a person's behaviour is explained cos they are of a certain tribe...does any of this make sense?

i guess am just ranting but it realli gets to me and nigerians being run off an airline has to mean its cos its goin to lagos thats why.. why doesnt BA start running 'northern/hausa onli' flight.. lets see how much money they would make..p.s am from kogi state.


ibiluv said...

i schooled in the north for a while.decided not to learn the i soooo regret it.i like hausa pple...we all tend to feel we are kinda above others.....some yoruba pple do it do...pple are allowed to have an opinion but when u disagree with it.just do what u did...close the msn window...*wink*

Zahratique said...

Hey Zara, I know how you feel but remember almost every tribe has it's good and bad people. (trust me, i have experienced this with almost every nigerian tribe i have come across). It's just like Ibiluv said, we all tend to feel we are above others. It's always better to keep an open mind, of course. Listening to this will just keep getting you angry all the time.

PS: Yarai is not derogatory, Yarai means "tribe". The derogatory word is "Kabila" which you dont very often.

zara said...

oh yeah.. am learning to be open minded hope i didnt come across as too forceful.. was just emotional at the time of the post... uhh never hrd of kabila before.. guess am still learning.

'Yar Mama said...

The feeling of superiority cuts across all the tribes. Coincidently I just came back from a job interview where one of the interviewers, Wale, had the nerve to say that I presented myself well, that he was imressed by my CV and was well-spoken unlike many Northerners he had met. I was seething but of course I smiled and replied that he was well-spoken too.

zara said...

@ yar'mama wow.. such cheek!!

Tairebabs said...

The truth is I hate getting involved in any form of tribal arguments but sometimes it's just in your face. I have lived in Lagos all my life, Schooled in the east for a couple of years and am from Delta state so to some extent I have seen a lot of different characters. Every tribe feels superior at some point, experience has thought me that. It's not pleasant but once such issues are raised, I turn a deaf ear and focus on me not any tribe.