Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I think a 20 yr-old has a crush on me!

did i just write that? lol silly me anyways.. havent had much of anything happening in my life these days.. just the usuall.. school hang out.. school; hang out.. how boring can anything get>?? lol
i realli shud start writing my thots down.. thot of this realli bloggable topic the other day and now its out of my mind and i cant even remember it... serious issues.... i shud also start keeping a journal of my food intake cos am beginning to add weight.. i dont need any love handles(abi what r they called??)

was in a quiz the other day and i was writing and using chat lingo.. my God! i need to go back to english grammar,, the bottled leopard days!

someone said a very stupid thing to me today.. it just pissed me off bad cos am a very proud person as in am proud of my intellectual capabilities and please.. i dont need anyone questioning them.. thats the job of my lecturers! they do that enuff.. i mean whats ur own whether or not i pass or who's on top of the class or rather who's above me in the class? do i smell competiton here?/

my grandfather just had a mild stroke.. am scared oo, does that mean he's growing old? he cudnt make use of his left part of the body and my mum had to go get him cos they live in the villa(not aso rock oo lol)
am hoping he gets well soon and stays well too cos am not about to lose another grandfather oo..abeg.

am having a debate on friday.. i was so enthusiastic about it but now am quite against it. i dont wanna do it no more.. well cos am not a public speaker. i dont know what made me say i would do it in the first place.. oh wait! i know.. cos they asked me.. and i was feeling very special like yay.. they think am clever! now see where it has gotten me to.. i seriously dont wanna do it.. but i cant feign illness or anything cos my team mates wud crucify me.. chei i don suffer.. anyways that day maybe i wud smoke a lil weed and be high so i wudnt even care wen i fumble or anything..

had a rather graphic r18 dream today and i wasnt even thinking r18 before i went to bed.. overraging

listened to the mohits album yet? am still loving ololufe here's another one for those moments
alicia keyes-tell u somthing and like u'll never see me again all from her latest work, as i am.. i tell u its amazing.

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