Thursday, March 27, 2008

what do u do?

What do u do if
  • ur dad had an affair in some other country, a one night stand which produces a child, do u accept the child or do u strive to not acknowledge its existence?
  • the child is now a grown woman with kids of her own and she searches out her father? do accept her as ur sibling knowing this was adultery committed by your father since the lady is younger than any of u?
  • what if ur dad is dad and all u have left of him are memories, wud u still accept the child?

these are things that happen everyday, it actualli happened to someone close to me and its amazing the level of tolerance people have. it got me thinking wat if it happens to us.. how wud i react? i still havent gotten that answer

what do u do if

  • a guy u thot liked ur frend turns around and says its u he likes?
  • if u and ur friend have always fantasized about that guy asking her out?
  • if u fancy the guy rite back but cant tell ur friend that because u feel like u sold out?
  • the guy never realli liked ur friend and it was alwyas u..(he swears it)!?

this also happened to a friend of mine.. its amazing how things can get so complicated in a heart beat, one day we think he's in love with one person, the next day, he says its another he's in love with and he never loved the first person. how did we miss the signs.(sixth sense gals have it in abundance.. but i guess in this case it deserted us cos we didnt see this coming).. does the other friend just give it a go with the guy and not be fazed or does she consider her friend's feelings(eventough she says its aitte) and let go?

what do u do if

  • as a child u were kinda molested?(i say kinda because it happened so fast i didnt know wat it was until a few years later)
  • u can never tell anyone because u feel u have left it too late and if u tell now its like u probably have other stories u havent told and u suddenly become the person with the big secrets
  • u now have feelings and thots of sex almost frequently(although still a virgin) and u feel its probably as a result of that incident from way back?

this.. happened to me. i was a child of 10 and i was asked to go get baygon from across the street at around 7. when i was almost at home, this guy that was walking at me kept on straight, i tried to swerve away but he kept on coming on my path. he suddenly bumps into me and in the process touches my private place throuh my clothes. he then runs away and am left shaken.

i run home but i cant get it out of my mind. i feel sullied.. was it my fault? was i violated? was that sexual harrasment?(thats why i called it "kinda") well, 11 years later, i still think about it, sometimes i wonder why i didnt just kick his balls!


OluwaDee said...

My dear, talk to God about d whole molestations stuff. He will heal u from all the pains.

I started having all em sex feelings @ a young age, n it had notn 2 do with bn molested. I reli dnt no au it started. Wit God I was able 2 stay a V til i met my hubby@b.

Aspa finding out u av a sister 4rm an adultrs r'ship dad had. U jst 4give n embrace, cos the girl is human.

Just found out I have a cousin who is married with kids. My uncle actually married his mum, n drove her away. I didnt even know he had a wife b4 his current 1.

Am trying to dvlp a good r'ship with my cousin now.

zara said...

hmm thank u for ur kind words and goodluck with builidng ur relationship. yeah am trying so hard.. i am hoping i get there.

Patience said...

People should read this.